Welcome to Thai Home Master!

I’m Erik, the guy who writes most of the stuff of this site. After falling in love with Thailand during a gap year over 20 years ago, I’ve been fortunate to call Bangkok my home on and off ever since.

Over the past two decades, I’ve studied at Thammasat University, been a digital nomad, worked remotely, and traveled across this great country. During my time here, I’ve learned a few things about living in Thailand that I want to share with others.

I’m currently studying programming and my plan was to turn this site into a hobby and coding project about finding a place to live in Thailand and Bangkok. Yes, another real estate site, apologies in advance. We’ll see how far I get with that.

In any case, I also wanted to just blog and write some about living and moving to Thailand with a focus on some of the more “boring” aspects of life in Thailand, that I feel have been overlooked by Youtubers and bloggers. Hope you find my content usefull.

Thanks for visiting,


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